The Single Malts

of Scotland.


Bring together a collection of whisky brands from this specific region of Scotland and create an identity which can be used globally through a design toolkit.


Speyside is a remote region of Scotland known for its production of single malt whisky. Each one of the individual brands have their distilleries hidden away within this rugged landscape. 

The Spey... The craft... The community...

Our creatives went on a research trip to Speyside to immerse themselves in the region and the rich history behind the whisky brands. The creative narrative could then begin.



We worked with Pernod Ricard to develop a look and feel for the design that would best tell the story of Speyside. The material palette was chosen and key features of the distilling process where unveiled. We wanted the design to be a multi-sensory experience and the dried wheat really helped create an aroma that would capture imaginations.

speyside materials.png
Speyside 1.png
Speyside 2.png

We developed a design toolkit that could be used alongside prototypes that where shown to global teams and set the standard of would should be achieved across the board. The toolkit is an essential part of the roll-out process and acts as a guideline for teams around the world so that the design can be made consistent.