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Creative design - the best antidote for post-covid travel retail.

Travel retail is a truly democratic retail experience. It’s where both ends of the traveller spectrum, from first class to package holiday travellers, have equal access to browse and enjoy the retail experiences from a variety of global brands. Whether in buying mode or not, these spaces provide numerous creative and engaging ‘speed bumps’ throughout the airport journey. They allow travellers mini moments to relax; they create an antidote to what can be a stressful airport experience, and most importantly; the chance to ‘get in the mood’ before the commencement of a dream holiday.

Jewel Changi Airport. The Forest Valley. Image courtesy Jewel Changi Airport Devt.

If anything, post-COVID air travel is going to be even more stressful. And in our opinion travel retail brands will require even smarter, more creative and engaging store concepts. At Hexcite Studio our design focus is to ensure the travel retail brands we work with entertain and engage with their audience in creative ways. There are few other outlets in which spaces that surprise, delight and create a pleasing reaction would be more appreciated.

The Scotch Whisky Emporium. Sydney Airport. A Hexcite Studio Project for Pernod Ricard.

Although social distancing is understandably high on the agenda of most retail operators, we’re pushing our clients to focus on the experience first in order to grab and engage the minds of our shoppers, followed by delivering these in interesting, yet accessible, COVID-appropriate settings. Bi-weekly research of consumers’ mindsets (conducted by global financial services, Deloitte), suggests that health concerns overshadow any financial concerns they have. Interestingly, their research also suggests that as lockdown eases across a myriad of different countries there is a very slow increase in the number of people that feel they would trust staying away from home – e.g a hotel. These are small green shots of positivity but it tells us that when it is safe to do so, people will want to get back to travelling.

The Signature Blend. Incheon Airport. A Hexcite Studio Project for Royal Salute.

Pent-up demand will equal dollars in the till and for retailers now is the time to be planning those in-store experiences and campaigns. When they are rolled out in a few months’ time we will hit a sweet spot of increased traveller numbers heading to airports.

There’s no question the travel landscape will be significantly different but with great ideas, and impressive creative executions, brands can no doubt play a significant role in helping tourists make the most of getting back to the travel plans.

The Snow Polo Edition. Incheon Airport. A Hexcite Studio Project for Royal Salute.


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