Design a pop-up store for luxury apparel fashion brand Moncler, in Harrods over the festive period for 2019. Create a unique space for them to showcase their Genius collection.

moncler logo in blue.png

Kesslers were approached by Moncler to help them with a pop-up store that would sit in Harrods, London. This was to be one of nine pop-ups to launch the Moncler Genius collection and we were asked to help out on the creative design. Moncler is a playful and quirky brand but they sit within the luxury apparel market and sell high end clothing for those looking for quality fashion. 

window sketch verison.png
moncler inside shop 2.png


This was one of nine Moncler Genius collection pop-ups around the world in 2019. The star of the show was to be the Moncler Pupazzo character who would be seen gliding down mountain instalations around the stores. Nine other dolls in where made to fashion different one-of-a-kind designs from their Genius range.