Design a collection of Adidas boot displays that aim to encourage grass roots footballers to take their participation in the sport to the next level.

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Arguably one of the bravest brands in retail, sportswear market-leaders Adidas have been collaborating with us since 2016. For this project we actually engaged with grassroots players and found out what motivates them to play. We also looked at the locations football was played other than tradition grass pitches and this influenced some of the material choices and architectural forms.


Using our insights, we designed a range of displays and put together a pack of high-quality visuals to be presented to Adidas. The designs ranged from small counter top displays that could be used by retailers with limited space to larger concepts that could create more of an immersive experience for shoppers. The focus was to glorify the football boots and elevate their importance, while also allowing space for key visuals that would help to inspire a younger audience.

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